Using your Yealink Phone



To put a caller on hold, simply press the hold button. To retrieve the call, press the ‘Resume’ button
below the screen.


You can transfer a call to another extension, by pressing the ‘Transfer’ key, you will then be able to
dial the extension or the phone number that you want to transfer to.
• Warm Transfer: If you would like to announce the call to the recipient, hit transfer then dial the
extension, simply wait until they answer. After you have told them who is calling, you can press the
‘Transfer’ key again to finalize the transfer.
• Cold Transfer: If you do not want to announce the caller, hit ‘Transfer’ then the recipient’s hotkey at
the top of the phone, then ‘Transfer’ again.


To check your voicemail, press the ‘Messages’ key on your phone. You will be prompted for a PIN.
This PIN is set by default to 1111. The system will tell you how many messages you have, and then replay them
to you in order of receipt.
To change your voicemail settings, follow the following prompts when in your mailbox.
“Access user options, press 9”
“For Greetings and name announcements, press 1”
“To modify greetings, press 6”
“To modify your generic greeting, press 1”
“To begin recording your greeting, wait for the beep. After you are done recording, press #”
You will then be able to listen to your newly recorded message, and re-record if you would like. Afterward,
you may hang up at any time.

Star Codes

The following “star codes” are used by many of our business customers to improve the flexibility
of the phone system.
• *97 – Intercept a call. If a call is coming into a particular extension, another user can dial *97 to
intercept that call. For example, if 101 was ringing, and the user at 107 wanted to take the call, they’d
dial *97101 and press ‘Send’ to answer that call.
• *55 – Transfer to voicemail. If a user wishes to transfer directly to a voicemail box, without ringing the
phone the voicemail box belongs to, they’d use *55. To use this, you hit Transfer, dial *55, then wait a
moment until prompted for the extension. The system will confirm that the call has been sent to

Web Addresses

This page will allow the management of individual phones. The login by default is set to your main phone number + extension.

example: 5411234567101

Default password is ‘broadsoft1234’

Voicemail Portal 

From here, you can view, play, and
delete voicemail messages. This page can also activate and configure email notifications on new voicemails.
You can also navigate here by going to, click the ‘Support’ tab then click ‘Voicemail Portal’ in the
drop-down menu. Account will be your direct number, Pin same as above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Business Customer Service at 541-436-3156.

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