Gorge Networks believes that everyone deserves access to fast, reliable internet that is open, neutral, and free from interference.

The federal government’s repeal of Title II classification and the 2010 FCC Open Internet Order has removed bans on blocking, throttling, and prioritizing of Internet content; this creates an opportunity for our competitors to impose performance limits, prioritize content of their choosing, and monetize traffic at your expense (you can see what other providers are doing by visiting their website or visiting At the same time, this policy shift has created an opportunity for providers like Gorge Networks to differentiate ourselves from our competition and do what we think is right for our customers.

Gorge Networks is committed to continuing the principles of net neutrality across our network even though other big broadband companies may not.  We believe slowing speeds or adding costs for certain content based on what we, as internet providers, think is best for you is just not fair.  You have our assurance that your service will remain fast, fair, and unencumbered because unlike our big corporate competitors, we believe you, the customer, is who we work for and neutral, fair, and equal access to all legal Internet content is what you expect and deserve.

To that end and in accordance with the 2018 FCC Restoring Internet Freedom Order, Gorge Networks provides below its current network management practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms of our broadband Internet access services.

Network Management Policies

Blocking: Gorge Networks does not block or otherwise prevent end user access to lawful content, applications, service, or non-harmful devices, including a description of what is blocked.  In cases of a distributed denial of service attack or other malicious traffic which has the potential to degrade the network or harm service availability our customers, Gorge Networks may temporarily block access to the attacked or effected customer(s) for the protection of the network.

Throttling: Gorge Networks network management practices do not throttle customer Internet service based on content, application, service, user, or use of a non-harmful device.

Affiliated Prioritization: Gorge Networks network management practices do not favor some traffic over other traffic, including the use of traffic shaping, prioritization, or resource reservation for the benefit of an affiliated entity.

Paid Prioritization: Gorge Networks network management practices do not use techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization, or resource reservation, in exchange for consideration.

Congestion Management:  Gorge Networks network management practices do not limit customer usage or impose penalties for (a) consumer / residential use within reasonable usage or (b) commercial use within the contracted terms.  See Blocking above for DDoS mitigation.

Application-Specific Behavior: Gorge Networks network management practices do not block or rate-control specific protocols or application usage or otherwise inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications.

Device Attachment Rules: Gorge Networks network management practices do not restrict the types of devices that connect to the network although a Gorge Networks CPE/Modem/ONT or similar optical network device is required and supplied as the first device to which the customer devices are attached.  Some commercial products may require, or limit device connections based on the contract terms. Gorge Networks may temporarily disable customer service for a malfunctioning or improperly configured or installed device that is degrading or has the potential to degrade the network.

Security: Gorge Networks network management policy prohibits practices or activity or that could jeopardize network security or customer information and employs a variety of industry-standard security practices on the network. Gorge Networks monitors overall network activity to for capacity planning and to detect denial of service attacks and other malicious activity that may harm our customers or our network.

Performance Characteristics:

Service Description: Gorge Networks provides internet access using Fiber, ADSL2, ADSL2+, EFM, T1, and unlicensed and licensed wireless technologies. Actual speeds vary by product selected. See our website for details.

Impact of Specialized Services: No specialized services which affect last-mile capacity are currently offered.

Commercial Terms:

Pricing: Gorge Networks offers a variety of broadband products within our service area.  We do not charge for usage or overages on any broadband products. A contract may be required and early termination fees up to the remaining service left on the contract may be charged.  Please review your contract for precise details. Other services may also be available. Please visit our website for further pricing details.

Privacy Policies:  Gorge Networks believes strongly in the privacy of our customers.  Customer browsing information is not stored. Network traffic inspection practices are limited to protocol flow analysis as required network protection and management. Traffic information is not provided to third parties, nor used by us for commercial purposes beyond the management of our network.  IP address allocation may be stored for the identification of customer usage which breaks our service terms and conditions or the law. Upon lawful demand, your IP address and any other lawfully requested information we have may be shared to law enforcement, without your consent or knowledge, for lawful purposes.

Dispute Resolution:

We want to hear from you, and we want to address any concern or complaint you may have.  Please contact our support department at or 1-888-508-2363.

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