Wireless Routers

Wireless Router Configuration

Overview – If you’ve purchased a wireless router from a store or have reset a router you own to its default settings, you will need to configure that router to log on to our servers using your connection username and password. Note: This information is not the same as your email username and password. If you do not know your connection username or password, call Customer Service at (541) 386-8300 ext 300, we will verify your identity and provide you this information.

Connection Type
A wireless router by default is set to automatically connect using DHCP with no password information: this will not work with our servers, unless you are located in our South Wasco County service area or have our internet service in Cascade Locks. For all other internet customers: in order to function, the router must be set up to use a PPPoE connection.

Securing Your Wireless Router
You will want to enable wireless security (encryption) on your wireless router. If your wireless router does not have wireless security (encryption) enabled, anyone within approximately 100-150 feet will be able to connect to your wireless network and use your internet connection, or even access shared files on your computer. If you need help setting this up, call our Technical Support line and we can walk you through the process to do so.

Wireless Router Connection Drops Repeatedly
This response does not apply if:

  • The Internet is slow, but you have a constant connection
  • You cannot connect to the internet over a wired connection
  • You can access some Internet programs, but not others
  • You have not finished installing

If none of the above applies to you, the troubleshooting steps below may be completed in any order. After each, check to see if your wireless internet connection is back up.

Restart Your Network Devices
Many problems are solved by rebooting your system. To reboot your system:

  1. Turn off your computer
  2. Turn off your router
  3. Turn off your modem
  4. Turn on your modem. Wait until modem is completely restarted before the next step. This may take up to two minutes.
  5. Turn on your router. Wait until router completely restarts. This also can take up to two minutes.
  6. Turn on your computer.

Are There Multiple Wireless Devices in the Area?
If there are multiple Wireless devices in the area using the same wireless channel, there may be wireless interference between your router and another device. This will cause intermittent loss of connection or slow speeds. Change the channel on your router to a frequency that is not being used to resolve this.

Do Other Computers Have this Problem?
If other computers are able to connect to the internet via your wireless router, the problem is likely with the computer that is unable to connect and not the router itself.

  • If you recently changed or upgraded your anti-virus or firewall software, try disabling it. If you are able to connect to the internet after this it is likely the software that is causing the problem. To remedy this you will need to contact the software manufacturer.
Questions about your GorgeNet Managed Wifi?

Call our Technical Support line or email us at support@gorge.net

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