Dialup & ISDN Numbers

All numbers below are local* for the town listed and should be dialed without the area code with the exception of Portland, Vancouver and the 888 access numbers.

Gorge.net also offers local dialup access across the United States and Canada (additional charges may apply).

City 33.6-56K ISDN
Hood River, Cascade Locks, Odell, Parkdale, Mosier 436-1020 436-1020
The Dalles, Dallesport, Dufur, Rowena, Mosier 436-1020 370-1020
White Salmon, Husum, Troutlake, Lyle, Klickitat 637-1020 637-1020
Goldendale, Centerville, Roosevelt 772-1020 772-1020
Stevenson, Carson, N. Bonneville 772-1020 219-1020
Arlington 772-1020 455-1020
Portland, OR (503) 914-0558 -or (503) 972-0302 n/a
Vancouver, WA (360) 326-0558 n/a
Nationwide and Canadian access numbers Click here for more info n/a
888 access (billed at $0.15 p/minute**) (888) 345-4638 n/a

By using the 888 access number, any of the nationwide or Canadian access numbers, you consent to pay all charges associated with this usage as outlined on this page.

Our dialup equipment supports the v.90 and v.92 standards. 56k X2 and Flex modems must beupdated to the latest v.90 or v.92 firmware to work properly. For assistance upgrading your modem firmware, please contact the manufacturer of your modem.

If you are unable to locate a local access number from our nationwide and Canadian access number page, we also offer toll free access via our 888 number: 1-888-345-4638**

* Some people may require extended area dialing to access the 56k lines. If you are unsure if you have extended area dialing you can find out by calling your local phone company.

** The 888 number is billed to your account at the rate of $0.15 per minute. This number is only available within the United States.

*** If you are dialing in from Portland, Vancouver, Canada, or one of our nationwide local accessnumbers, you need to make the following changes to your dialup connection settings: Your dialup user name should be changed to the full e-mail address (i.e. “somebody@gorge.net” instead of “somebody”) when you log on. You also need to make changes to send mail. You must use “authenticated SMTP” and change your SMTP port setting to port 2525. Instructions to do this can be found here. If you have any questions about these settings call our support hotline at one of our the local support numbers on this page.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about these settings call our support hotline at one of our the local support numbers on this page.

    DO NOT USE MAILING ADDRESS. Please provide physical service address.

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