Wheeler County Fiber – Fossil, Spray and Mitchell


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What is the Project: Gorge Networks, in conjunction with Wheeler County and the Cities of Fossil and Spray are installing a fiber network.  The purpose of the network is to provide reliable high-speed fiber internet access and telephone service. The goal of the project is to make these services available to all residents of in the incorporated cities of Fossil and Spray at affordable prices.

Who is Gorge Networks: Gorge Networks is a PNW local internet and voice service provider based in Hood River, OR. and has been around for over 22 years. Gorge Networks is locally owned and operated and is focused on bringing internet access to rural Oregon and Washington.

Why is this good for me?: This new technology will improve the performance and reliability while keeping the service affordable. Whether you are an avid user of the internet or just an occasional user, this system will benefit you. First, the speed and reliability will surpass anything available in the area. Second, the price is extremely competitive.

Fossil Updates:

Installing Now! Call today 541.436.0223 or email sales@gorge.net

Spray Updates:

Construction is almost complete! Call today to sign up for service once it is available 541.436.0223 or email Sales@gorge.net

Mitchell Updates:

Hang in there, Construction begins in November!

Sign up for service here:

You can also send email to Wheelerawesomefiber@gorge.net or call 541-436-0246

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