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Gorge Networks is the regions top provider for high speed fiber internet. Fiber optics send data up to 1,000 times faster, meaning it is the best way to connect with others, upload data, load websites, and stream.

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Fiber internet will be able to handle the increased demand for more bandwidth in the future.  As the demand for bandwidth grows, only the network equipment would need to be upgraded over time, not the actual fiber lines. Future proof internet!

Hood River
Heppner / Ione
Cascade Locks and North Bonneville
Fossil, Spray & Mitchell
Rufus, Wasco, Moro & Grass Valley

Call 541.436.0223, email sales@gorge.net or request a quote.

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Telephone Service Starts at $14.95

Up your phone game

Cell phones are great all-in-one gadgets, but have you noticed the call quality?  Dropped calls, lag and interupptions from app notifications are massively distracting, especially during important phone calls.

Phone Features

Unmetered Domestic long distance (excluding Alaska)

Voicemail, Voice to email

Caller ID, Call waiting, 911, Call forwarding

*69 Last Call Return

Keep your existing phone number (or get a new one)

Reasons to bundle

Accurate 911 locating for emergencies

Back up for your cell phone

Better sound quality than a cell phone, for important calls

Option to forward messages to email

Low EMF, Healthier than your cell

Talk freely while using your cell for music or apps

Local technical support

Refer a friend and earn $50!


>>> Whole home Wifi.


>>>Cut the cord to cable!


Gorge Networks is now a Blue Mountain Family company

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