Report an Outage

Visit our Support page for info on how to reach technical support.
If you suspect an outage in your area, and it isn’t already listed above, please complete the form belowto let us know. 

***If you select No, then please call Technical support at 541-386-8300 ext 300 or visit ***
Providing a service address helps us troubleshoot more quickly.
If you do not have your account number or Circuit ID please make sure the name and address you entered above, matches the name and service address on file with your GorgeNet account.
Our equipment requires power in order to provide internet and WiFi services. If you are expereincing a power outage, please contact your electricity provider.
Many problems are solved by rebooting your system. To reboot your system: Turn OFF your computer, router and Modem. Turn ON only your modem. Wait until the modem is completely restarted before the next step. This may take up to two minutes. Turn on your router. Wait until router completely restarts. This also can take up to two minutes. Turn on your computer.
Let us know what type of outage you would like to report.
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