With the broadsoft portal you can configure settings for voicemail and voicemail to email preferences and set up feature settings like Call forwarding, do not disturb , and set up your ‘My Rules preferences’ for handling calls on individual phones.


The login by default is set to your main phone number + extension.  (if you dont have extentions, it will be just your 10 digit phone number)

example user ID (with extention): 5411234567101

Default password is ‘broadsoft1234’

Please change your passwords to keep access secure. 

Voicemail Portal

Within the voicemail portal, you can view, play, and delete voicemail messages. This page can also activate and configure email notifications on new voicemails.


Account is your 10 digit number,  default Pin is 1111

You can also navigate here by going to Gorge.net, click the ‘Support’ tab then click ‘Voicemail Portal’ in the drop-down menu.


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