Our Network

Gorge Networks is committed to maintaining a robust network throughout the Columbia Gorge. We have deployed a multiple Gigabit Core Network with redundant paths between Seattle, Portland, Hood River, and The Dalles. This Core Backbone connects to diverse circuits allowing us to deliver Gigabit class speeds to our Network POPs throughout the Gorge, from North Bonneville in the west, to as far east as Arlington.


Gorge Networks strives to eliminate all single points of failure from our core network and service equipment. This helps us maintain uninterrupted service in the event of a hardware or network fault, allowing traffic to continue to flow through alternate paths and equipment. Our onsite inventory of backup components for all of our field equipment helps us avoid delays due to shipping as we restore service.

In addition to our own equipment, Gorge Networks utilizes multiple carriers’ networks, which enables us to survive outages that any single local carrier may experience. All of our core locations have generator backup power that can sustain the long-term power outages that inclement weather can sometimes cause.



Gorge Networks maintains a peering relationship with many of the top network and content providers, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. We meet these companies at peering locations to connect our networks directly to each other. Since we communicate directly with these content providers without traversing a number of other providers’ networks, the opportunity for performance degradation is minimized. This helps ensure outstanding network performance when performing activities such as watching a YouTube video, updating Microsoft software, or checking status updates on Facebook.

Diversity to our Customer

Gorge Networks is able to extend the resiliency of our core network clear to the customer’s network by routing separate circuits through redundant locations. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

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