Hello Maupin! Gorge Networks is excited to bring fiber internet to your world!

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Gorge Networks, in cooperation with QLife and the city of Maupin is offering direct fiber connections to your home or business.

Fiber direct to your home or business
–    Residential 100 Meg $39.95/mo
–    Residential 1Gig $69.95/mo
–    Bundle phone service for an additional $9.95/mo
–    Business pricing starting at $49.95

Why choose GorgeNet?
–    We have been providing residential service for 20 years
–    We have been servicing the Maupin and South Wasco County area for 4 years
–    We currently operate Fiber-to-the- Home, Fiber-to-the-Business service in other communities
–    We give free additional services such as email, GorgeNet classifieds posting, business promotions
–    We give back to Maupin – Free public Wifi service at South Wasco public locations

Customer service – we live and work in the communities we serve.  We are best positioned geographically and organizationally to provide excellent customer service. Our field technicians are in Maupin multiple times per week and as needed to provide prompt response to your needs

Mayor Lynn Ewing: “When Johnson Networks brought wireless service to Maupin, our residents were excited to finally have a choice of Internet providers. When they announced they would be selling, many were worried about what might happen to their service. Gorge Networks stepped in and seamlessly integrated all of the Johnson Networks customers into their system. They went on to provide upgrades and expansions to the wireless service as they became available. We are excited that Gorge Networks will be a part of our new fiber network, offering fiber-to-the-home and businesses within Maupin as well as improving their service to outlying customers.”

About the fiber network:  The fiber network servicing Maupin businesses and residents is owned by the city of Maupin through funding provided by the State of Oregon.  Gorge Networks, in cooperation with Qlife and the City of Maupin, is able to provide direct fiber services to businesses and residents in Maupin at speeds up to 1 Gig.  Any location within a couple blocks of the main fiber will have access.  More remote locations can be served as well – call for details.

Early adopter special!

  • Free Installations with your pre-order completed by April 1st.  Call to place your order, $30 deposit required.
  • All pre-orders will have a gift sent to them.
  • All pre-orders will be entered into a drawing for 3 months free service.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee for all installations.
  • One year service agreement is required at the time of install.

Call us anytime at 541 386-8300 x223 or send an email to


Not on the map?  Signing up for GorgeNet fiber helps others that the fiber won’t reach.  A portion of the proceeds of the revenue generated in Maupin will go towards expanding and improving our existing wireless coverage in South Wasco County.  We feel that the entire South Wasco County should benefit from this infrastructure and we are the only provider that is willing to reach further into remote areas not covered by fiber.  Help us help your fellow neighbors!

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Call now for details at (888) 508-2363 ext 301

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