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Working for Gorge Networks means breaking out of the binds of corporate restriction and stepping into a challenging, fast-paced world of innovation and creativity. Keeping ahead of our competitors to provide the best, most customized service in the Gorge means we try new things. We are a people adaptable, flexible, and adventurous.

We believe that our employees are the key to our success. This means we care about each other professionally, personally, and emotionally. Our office is littered with yoga balls, a climbing rope, and the occasional ping-pong table to keep people moving and to keep us having fun together. We encourage relationships by joining team events, hosting annual get-togethers for employees and their families, competing at fantasy football, and making the coffee station a more attractive pit stop with a daily serving of fresh fruit and breakfast options. All of these efforts aim at one thing: keeping our staff connected, because when we really know each other, we really care.

Our employees receive excellent medical benefits including alternative care like acupuncture and naturopathy, as well as fair-market wages, profit-sharing, seasonal gym discounts, and 401K contributions. There are no doors closed to the employee who desires to push them open, so if you have an idea, share it, because you never know where it might take us. We promote and train from within to keep our employees satisfied, productive and pursuing good things.

Our Company Gorge Networks has been serving the Columbia River Gorge since 1994. We started out as a dial-up company and have since made it a priority to be at the fore-front of emerging telecom and broadband technologies. We believe that we can make life better for the communities we live in by providing faster, better service to keep us all connected. Being connected means we know the people and businesses we serve. The small towns scattered throughout the Mid-Columbia region have earned our trust by getting to know our service and support staff by name. We believe the key to our success is in building strong relationships that extend beyond the walls of our office, but don’t get us wrong, the relationships inside our office walls are just as important.

We love to have fun; which is a big part of why each one of us has chosen to live where we live, and work where we work. The outdoor and community-event opportunities throughout our region are diverse and thriving, making this a place you won’t have any trouble getting connected to.

The Columbia River Gorge

We dare you to do a Google search for the Columbia River Gorge. Here’s to betting you’ll dream of living here after perusing the articles and images about water sports, wine country, waterfalls, hiking, farm-to-table food and the proximity of Mt. Hood’s recreational myriad. Not to mention the perpetual beauty of our four distinct seasons which call for community events and festivals almost weekly, and Farmer’s Markets in every community throughout the growing season. Commuting to work seems easier with views of the Cascade Mountains, acres of pristine farmlands and gorge vistas to improve your disposition toward the day ahead.

Not only are we a recreational mecca for the adventurous spirit but our towns have strong roots in agriculture that have created a foundation of hard work and ethical living. This means we have a grounded community of people genuinely vested in educational, cultural, and historical improvement and preservation. Our thriving businesses and community organizations continuously work to increase economic development opportunities creating a richer, healthier, more diverse environment to live in. All in all, you won’t find a better place to put down roots or raise a family, just like we did.

Current Openings

If there are no current openings, don’t be dismayed! We would rather employ the right people than fill the right positions, so please send us your resume!

Software and Systems Engineer

Posted: 12 April, 2018

Candidates are expected to bring knowledge or expertise in several of the following areas with an eagerness to learn in other areas:

Desired skills & experience:

  • College or University degree (or equivalent experience) in Computer Science or a related discipline. 
  • Strong desire to continue learning in areas of preferred competency . 
  • Solid understanding of object oriented programming concepts. 
  • Solid understanding of relational database design and querying concepts; familiarity with version control concepts. 

Preferred competency:

  • Exposure to Microsoft .NET development using C#, Exposure to web development using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. 
  • Knowledge of client/server application development. 
  • Knowledge of agile development methodologies. 
  • Knowledge of unit testing theory. 
  • Knowledge of Microsoft and Linux Operating Systems. 

How you will spend your day:

Although the amount of time spent on one responsibility vs. another will vary depending on current project load, the estimated overall division of responsibilities for this position is as follows:

  • Software Development (80%) 
  • New Development (50%) -- Includes new internal tools, writing new reports and reporting tools, and features for the internet.
  • Existing Software Maintenance (30%) -- 
  • Systems Administration (20%) 

Things you will do:

  • Developing, testing, and maintaining web server, desktop and mobile business applications built on Microsoft technologies 
  • Software project design and planning, including assisting in the collection and documentation of user's requirements, development of user stories, and estimates 
  • Preparing reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software 
  • Designing, developing, and unit testing applications in accordance with established standards 
  • Migrating legacy applications (asp) to current Microsoft technologies. Developing, refining, and tuning integrations between applications 
  • Analyzing and resolving technical and application problems 
  • Interfacing with the business support team regarding business user issues involving Gorge.Net hosted services 
  • Assisting in the design and implementation of the systems infrastructure including:
    • eMail 
    • Broadsoft VoIP platform 
    • SQL 
    • Intranet 
    • Web Hosting 
    • Monitoring 
    • Assisting in the design and deployment of other technologies such as SharePoint in our Office 365 hosting environment 
    • SQL Server Administration 
    • Creating reports using SQL, PowerBI and supporting technologies

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