Fiber internet is now available in limited parts of Goldendale. We are continuing to expand and build our fiber region in Goldendale, so make sure you check back with us often.

300 Mbps Symmetrical High Speed Internet

$59.95 / Month

Whole home wi-fi included.

Dedicated fiber to each home.

No contracts, data caps or throttling.

Voice Services

Starting at $14.95 / Month

1 Gig Symmetrical High Speed Internet

$74.95 / month

Whole home wi-fi included.

Dedicated fiber to each home.

No contracts, data caps, or throttling.

Phone Features
  • Unmetered Domestic long distance (excluding Alaska)
  • Voicemail, Voice to email
  • Caller ID, Call waiting, 911, Call forwarding
  • *69 Last Call Return
  • Keep your existing phone number (or get a new one)
Reasons to bundle
  • Accurate 911 locating for emergencies
  • Back up for your cell phone
  • Better sound quality than a cell phone, for important calls
  • Option to forward messaged to email
  • Low EMF, Healthier than your cell
  • Talk freely while using your cell for music or apps
  • Local technical support

2 Gig Symmetrical High Speed Internet

$99.95 / month

Dedicated fiber to each home.

No contracts, data caps, or throttling.

Why is symmetrical speeds important?
  • Have you ever noticed when you upload your video to YouTube or social media it takes longer (sometimes a lot longer) then watching one that’s already posted? That’s because your upload speed is slower than your download speed. With symmetrical speeds both upload and download speeds are identical. Users on symmetrical fiber-based networks experience clearer, more consistent video conferencing, gaming and streaming with minimal lag and freezing.
    Laptops, tablets, phones, tv, security cameras, smart appliances, can all need a high-speed connection at the same time. Symmetrical fiber internet provides better connectivity for everyone, without slowing down. Are you also working from home or a student, getting frustrated with how long it takes to upload your assignment? Large files you need to download or upload, will no longer bog down your network.

Contact us today to see if your location is now, or will soon be, served by GorgeNet Fiber!

541.436.0223, or request a call back by completing the from below.

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Service options below are only available in Hood River, Vernonia, Goldendale, Heppner and Ione. If you live outside of these service areas, please call for service options 541.436.0223
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Gorge Networks is now a part of the Blue Mountain Networks Family.

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