About Us

We’re From Here

Gorge Networks was founded in 1994 as the first local company to provide Internet service in Hood River, Oregon. Since then, we have established ourselves as the local service provider of choice for businesses and residents of the mid-Columbia region. We offer a comprehensive suite of voice, data, and telecom consulting services by leveraging our enterprise-class network and engineering resources. Gorge Networks is the only Internet provider in the area that provides 100% local service from sales and billing, to on-site technical support from our talented and dynamic team of employees. While we are continuously striving to give our clients the highest levels of quality and cutting-edge products and services, we are also committed to supporting and enhancing the communities in which we live and work. As a dedicated member of the community, Gorge Networks is proud to give back a portion of our proceeds to schools, local events, charities, and cultural institutions.

Our headquarters are located in Hood River, Oregon, voted by National Geographic as one of the “Best Places to Live and Play.” With everything from windsurfing and world-class mountain biking, to waterfall hikes and stunning vistas of the Cascades, we feel lucky to call the Gorge home!

Our Purpose

While it is not unusual to think of telecommunication companies to be difficult or frustrating to deal with, we don’t think it has to be that way. Our purpose is quite simply: “To deliver on the promise to provide the best service for the best value with unparalleled customer service.” How do we achieve this? We think it’s all about having the right people. At Gorge Networks, our highly dedicated team goes above and beyond to provide our customers with unmatched support and service.

Core Values

Be Proud – We do great things and we make peoples lives better. We can assess our individual performance and the company’s performance by asking the simple question; am I proud of what “we” did?

Embrace Challenge – Everything is changing constantly. What used to make sense may not make sense today. Everyone has the right to respectfully challenge and ask for understanding. Everyone has the responsibility to actively listen. To embrace challenge, is to allow yourself to grow.

Have Self Respect & Respect For Others – Respecting yourself is to invest in your own physical and mental well being, You have to be there for yourself before you can be your best for others. Respecting others is to accept that we are all different. Being different is not being wrong. As we work with co-workers and our customers, we accept and respect diversity.

Be A Good Teammate -A great team is better than the individual teammates. Teammates support each other, understand objectives, and honor their commitments. We expect others to be accountable and we expect that of ourselves. A win is a team win, and a loss is a team loss.

Live Life – We are surrounded by friends, family, and natural wonders. The commitment to be “all in” at work is no more important than the commitment to be “all in” at home and in play.

Laugh – We encourage laughter and commit to make others laugh. If we can’t have a little fun along the way, then why bother…

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