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System Status

9/6/2018  3:15am – The Centurylink fiber cut has been repaired and phone services should be restored to normal.  If you are still experiencing a phone issue, please call Support at 541 386-8300, or send an email to 

9/5/18 5:23pm – We have rerouted outbound calls so that calls can be delivered to non impacted carriers (ie some cell phone customers, and possibly other land based carriers).  There are still calls that are not being delivered and some people cannot call Gorgenet as they are using a carrier that is impacted by this outage.  Still no ETR on the fiber repair.

9/5/18 5:04pm – A Centurylink fiber cut has occurred that has impacted calls among carriers in the area including GorgeNet.  They are actively making every effort to repair the fiber or reroute traffic.  We will update this as we receive more information.

9/5/18 3:04pm – Calls between GorgeNet customers and others are not being completed.  We are investigating the issue.

Want to speak to someone about a possible outage in your area? Call (888) 508-2363! Or fill out the contact form below



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