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What is the Project: Gorge Networks, in conjunction with Sherman County and the Cities of Sherman county, is installing a fiber network. The City of Moro is the first city we will be focused on. The purpose of the network is to provide reliable high-speed internet access and telephone service. The goal of the project is to make these services available to all residents of Moro, and possibly some of the outlying areas, at affordable prices.

Who is Gorge Networks: Gorge Networks is a local service provider based in Hood River, OR and has been around for over 22 years. Gorge Networks is locally owned and focuses on bringing internet access to rural Oregon and Washington. We have been providing service in parts of Sherman county for many years, but this new technology will improve the performance and reliability while keeping the service affordable.

Why is this good for me?: Whether you are an avid user of the internet or just an occasional user, this system will benefit you. First, the speed and reliability will surpass anything available in the area. Second, the price is extremely competitive. Our pricing is listed below:

Service Speed
Down/Up (Mbps)
Service Class Install Charge Monthly Charge *
25/5 Residential $99 $44.95
100/10 Residential $99 $44.95
Telephone Service Residential 0 $14.95
25/5 Business 50 $59.95
100/10 Business 94 $79.95
Telephone Service Business tbd $19.95

*Does not include taxes and fees

Our most popular residential package is shown below:

100M Internet access $49.95  
Telephone service $14.95  
Gorge wide calling Included  
Managed WiFi $8.95  
Total $73.85  


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You can also send email to or call 541-436-0246

Moro Updates

We are currently installing the main trunk line as shown in the image below. This work should be completed by mid to late September. We will be installing electronics and laterals on the network that are necessary to reach the homes and businesses in the area. We are shooting for a mid October timeline to start turning customers up on the system.

Grass Valley Updates

The network design for Grass Valley has been completed. We are in the process of getting utility locates, and assessing obstacles within the aerial sections. You may see some spray paint on the ground marking existing utility lines so that we can avoid them. You should expect a notice from Gorge Networks in early September with an update about the project

Rufus Updates

Not yet started

Wasco Updates

Not yet started

Biggs Updates

Not yet started

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