Gorge Network serves over fifteen communities in the region.  The options and pricing do vary greatly based on the service address and type of technology used to provide internet in that area.  To find out the best options available, we ask customers to either call 541-436-0223 to talk with Karen, fill out the quote form below or email

Satisfy Your Need For Speed

High-speed internet without the hassle of monthly usage allowances.
ALL Residential Internet Service Include:
– Three FREE email inboxes with spam filter 
– Free posting to Gorge Classified ads
– Unmetered internet access
- No activation costs

Add phone for as low as $9.90

Phone Features Include:
- Unmetered domestic long distance (excluding Alaska)
- Voicemail, Voice to email- Caller ID, Call waiting, 911, Call forwarding,   *69 Last Call Return
- Keep your existing phone number (or get a new one)
- Local technical support

Reasons to bundle a home phone line:
– 911 locating for emergencies
– Back up to cell phone
– Better call quality than cell phones for important calls
– Option to forward messages to email
– Low EMF, healthier than cell phone
– Talk freely while using phone for music or apps
– Low fixed cost

From checking email to streaming video, we have an internet package that fits your needs. Not sure which speed is right for you? Contact our Sales Staff.

Call Now: (888) 508-2363 ext 301

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