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Personal Web Space Instructions

First, you will need to activate your web space and make it useable. To do this, contact our support group either by sending us an e-mail or give us a call at one of our local support numbers. After your web space is setup, you will be able to upload your files.

Once you have prepared your image to be uploaded, open up Internet Explorer. from the Internet Explorer window, remove all text in the Address Bar. Once the Address Bar is empty, type in ftp://w3.gorge.net/username (where it says “username”, type in the username provided to you by Gorge.net Support). After you have typed that in, hit Enter on your keyboard.


After hitting Enter, the following window will pop up. The Log On As window requires you to log into your web space. Use the username and password assigned to you by Gorge.net Support. Make sure that you leave all the check boxes unchecked to prevent unauthorized, possibly even malicious access.


Now that you have logged into your FTP space (web space), drag the file you want to upload into this window. Wait for the transfer to finish and the file will appear in the window and you’re set!

The FTP space can also be accessed by using an FTP Client, such as CuteFTP, LeechFTP, or FileZilla.

To accomplish this, we will need to choose to add a New Site. Once the window allows us to enter a host, the address to type in is w3.gorge.net. If it gives an option for a login type other than FTP, we need to verify that it is set to use a Normal or FTP login format. Next, it will be required to enter the username and password assigned to you by Gorge.net Support.

Now, click the Connect button and it should connect you directly into your folder, ready for file transmission!

*Every customer is defined as any customer who has some form of internet service. This includes basic dialup, unmetered dialup, DSL, or high-speed wireless internet service. Web space and Classified Ads usage capabilities are not available to e-mail-only accounts. A classifieds only account is possible as well.

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