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Dial Up Internet

Connect to the world with the most experienced dialup provider in the Gorge! In minutes you can have your computer dialing up’s all-digital network.

Unmetered Dialup Account $14.95

Throw away your TV, and surf ’till dawn. Great for families, internet chat and information addicts.

  • 1.5MB/384K Broadband Service
  • Three E-mail accounts with unlimited use
  • 5 MB’s personal (noncommercial) Web Space

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Additional Services

Additional E-mail Accounts: $3.00 per month
Additional 5 mb Personal Web Space: $5.00 per month

System Requirements

  • IBM or compatible PC 386SX or above processor.
  • Macintosh with 68030 or above processor
  • 8 Mb RAM
  • 5 Mb of free disk space.
  • 14.4 baud or above modem

For More Information, to Setup a new account, for system support or other technical questions, please contact us.


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