Connected Employee


A Complete Voice and Data Network: One Set Price

Our Connected Employee product is designed to take away the stress and expense of managing your phone and internet services by letting us do it for you. For one unified price your business is connected to High-Speed Internet and high-definition voice services, including new routers, switches and even battery backup power! With just one point of contact for all of your telecommunications needs you won’t have to worry about tackling pesky IT tasks. We maintain ownership of the equipment so that replacement and maintenance is on us; our service includes premium support and continued updates as they become available. Our aim is to maintain your phone and data network to the highest level, and keep your bill simple, so you can stay focused on running your business.

Connected Employee Feature

Enterprise Class IP Voice system with over 100 features Included
High Speed Internet Connection Included
Basic website and email hosting with your domain name Included
Configuration and Installation Included
Premium Support and Maintenance Included
High-Definition VoIP phones Included
Enterprise class router(s) and Switches Included


Connected Employee includes a Fax to Email number for every employee!


Connected Employee Case Study: Rowe and Deming, LLC

Rowe and Deming, a long time local business accounting and tax consulting firm, recently realized the cost savings of switching to our fully managed Connected Employee offering. By converting both of their Gorge locations to Connected Employee they now have one point of contact for all of their telecommunications needs, and are able to seamlessly operate out of either office in Hood River or The Dalles. The frustration and expense of dealing with multiple vendors for phone and internet services has been solved;  they no longer need to spend time or money managing their voice and data network as we take care of all updates and issues, for one set price.

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